Spice Labs is a mobile game development studio. Creators of highly successful Hangman was founded in 2009. Spice Labs set out to develop casual games for the masses and has started to enjoy the world-wide chart success. Our game studio has been able to develop several award-winning titles for various mobile platforms.

Spice Labs is the mobile game studio that puts casual games right in your pocket. Creating addictive, easy-to-learn and fun games for mobile devices is our passion.

Founded in 2009 in India, Spice labs started with a big dream to make this world a fun place by passionate team of geeks. Our first title, “Hangman” was a runway hit on Blackberry and for last 3 year we have consistence presence in top 25 on the App world. We always have a aim to create world class games for all available Mobile Platforms in the market.

We are present on multiple platforms with 100 Million+ downloads on Blackberry alone

We believe in sharing our knowledge and collaborating with other developers in the ecosystem. So get in touch set up a meeting or just come say hello to us.


SpiceLabs was setup with the motto – Games for everyone.

In the past 5 years, we have evolved from being the makers of a single international bestselling game – Hangman, to being the veterans in the fast-evolving mobile gaming industry, churning out chart toppers, each one a roaring success and a challenge in itself.

SpiceLabs’s vision is to be the leader in Casual gaming segment, with games suitable for all age groups, from a 1 year old toddler to an 80 year old granddad.


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