Shoot bubbles for loads of fun!!!

Do you have 2 minutes, or are you in a hurry? 

Because we need to tell you about the latest Bubble Shooter on BlackBerry.  

What makes this Bubble Shooter new? 

Simply the fact that it is made for you. 

Wasn’t the above statement too cheesy? 

Well, a little may be.  

Following are the characters that you encounter in this story:

* Wooden Bubbles – The freeloaders. They fall down with other bunch of threes.

* Glassy Bubbles – The Touch-Me-Nots. They get removed when hit by anything.

* Ice Bubbles – The Pushovers. They change their color according to the majority.

* Rainbow Bubbles – The Chameleons. They change color according to whatever they are hit.

The bubbles come in Blue, Red, Yellow, Grey, Purple, Cream, Pink and Green. They all fall alike as bunch of Threes. It is a great way of spending some time on your BlackBerry.


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