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Unleash your word puzzle virtuoso  in the all new Hangman!

Presenting world’s favorite “HANGMAN” game in a complete new avatar!!! More than 40 Million Downloads and counting!

Enjoy all new Hangman game with more attractive graphics, interactive user interface and fresh content!! New scoring, achievements and rewards!


Now collect mpoints and cash it on gift cards, enter contests and win big prizes or donate your points for a noble cause.

Graphics & Scoring

With the mightily revamped graphics, Hangman takes a giant leap forward towards bringing the best user experience for its players. The new scoring system and the fast pace makes it so engaging that you might just have to take an antidote to beat its addiction! 

“Challenge puzzles” are major feature of the new Hangman. Throwing a new challenge at the players constantly caters to the adrenaline junkie inside, who seeks out adversity and wants to beat it in the shortest possible time. If you happen to be the easy going type, then you can always play the old way and take your own time. 

For those who have a fetish for the best content, New Hangman has a treat of almost 10,000 words with added new words and updated hints for the old ones. 

Enjoy playing ‘Multiple Themes’:

Pick any of your favorite themes and start playing! These are specially designed keeping in mind the taste of every age & group.

  • Mixed: Wanna be Jack of all trades??? Do try this one!
  • Dictionary: SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT or regular word buff, test your awesome vocabulary.
  • Hollywood: Love celebrities, who is your favorite? Jolie, Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp…?
  • Music: Grammy? Who won what? You like Pop, Rock or Country?
  • Sports: Baseball, Basketball, NFL, Golf or Tennis! Enjoy a mix of all of them!
  • Kids: Brings back your awesome childhood memories where you learnt Fruits & Veggies, Animals, Countries and much more!

Daily Mode:

Get a curated set of 20 words on a daily basis. Play, score and compare with others. You also get a global rating based on your scores. Win the crown of “King of the week” for your consistent performance.

Facebook Mode:

An amazing feature only available in this Hangman. Connect to Facebook and play Hangman where the questions will be related to your friends. Check how well you know them! It’s an excellent method of testing your knowledge about your friends.

NOTE: We hope you will enjoy the new Hangman. Your valuable feedback helps us improve, so
do let us know your feedback as we’re eagerly waiting for it. Like us and please play on Facebook !


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