End-less runner game for you.

Are you bored? Do you sometimes wonder that all the modes of entertainment have run out on you? Do you feel that Mother Fun has closed her fountains to you?

Well, don’t give up just yet! Life is full of things you haven’t done yet.

Trip to Paris? Eating 50 ice creams? Playing flap bird? The last one sounds simple.

Trust us, it is anything but.  Life for the little bird is full of obstacles.

By some evil will, it has been asked to travel through the pillars of death. These pillars are so difficult to cross that even Satan is believed to have given up. What distance do you think the bird would be able to cover?

From the makers of some of the most memorable games on BlackBerry, comes a game full of ups and downs. Watch as the bird flaps between the pillars and makes its way through. Be the bird and flap the wings of fun.


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